Lynn C. Price


IWVPA Double Tap Award for War Poetry: February 15, 2008
Awarded: February 15, 2008
He reached into his pocket as a hundred times before,
Searching for a ‘trinket’ from a long ‘forgotten’ war.
Wrapped inside a hankie, was a set of silver wings,
Reflections of his youth, when pride meant everything.

Holding back the tears, he watched his son stand tall,
Knowing he was willing to give his best, his all.
He tried to pay attention, to hear the General’s voice,
But memories left him ‘hanging’ for those who had no choice.

Some 40 years and counting, they’re etched upon his mind,
The brothers he remembers, those we left behind.
They’ll always be there with him, in a sad and broken soul;
A promise of his sanity is to never let them go.

‘Excuse me, sir, you dropped this,’ a voice from somewhere near,
He quickly dried his eyes, lest someone see his tears.
‘Thank you, ma’am – it’s memories. I live them every day;
My son would like to know them before he goes away.’

His eyes began to focus on all the soldiers there,
Standing at attention while music filled the air.
‘Come forward moms and dads, to pin upon their chest,
Wings of pride and honor, for those who give their best.’

He saw his son there waiting and looked into his eyes,
‘Son, you’re quite a Soldier, I feel the love and pride.
I’ll know you’ll serve with honor, for you, it’s everything.
Along with these you’ve earned, I’m passing on my wings.’

‘Dad, it is a privilege to remember all who fell,
Within our hearts they live, for they did time in hell.
From this day forth, they’re with me, their war is mine now, too.
I’ll do my best to march in the echoes of Heroes’ boots.’

Author’s Note: Dedicated to Ed and Justin, my Airborne Heroes and all who wear ‘Angel Wings’