Lynn C. Price


Her tears silently fall as she walked in the rain;
The joy of her life had just boarded that plane.
She knew it was coming when he joined the Marine Corps,
But, how does a Mom send her son off to war?

Unlocking her car in that remote terminal lot,
On the seat lay a package he must’ve forgot.
Soaked to the skin, she touched it with care,
“Mom, this is for you, for when I’m not there.”

“Dear God, won’t you help me?” She begged and she prayed,
“Teach me the faith I’ll need every day.”
Drying her eyes, her hands traced those lines;
She cranked up the engine and tried to buy time.

Not knowing his thoughts as he left this for her,
Her heart started racing, fearing the worst.
A most beautiful box under paper concealed;
Her first ray of sunshine, for his love she could feel.

He’d cut out a shape, using paper and glue,
“I’m leaving my heart until I come home to you.
Blue is your color and I knew you would laugh,
Remembering the good times from days of our past.

I’ll never repay you for all you have done,
Raising a child as both Father and Mom.
The pictures of Dad and stories we shared,
Made me believe he was always right there.

I wish I had known him, but he died when I was two,
Fighting for Country, as I’m about to.
You gave me your all and I turned out ok,
My only regret is leaving you this way.

I have to believe you knew I would go,
Following his footsteps and chasing his shadow.
Feel in this heart, the love and the pride,
Hold onto your faith in the darkest of nights.

Now, dry up those tears and head to the store,
Here is a list and I know you’ll send more.
I’ll call when I can and promise to write soon,
Remember to tape my favorite cartoons!”

As she folded his letter, her heart drew a smile,
“Lord, I do thank you for you’ve made it worthwhile.
Take care of my son as he fights for this land,
He may be a Warrior, but he’s Mom’s Little Man.”

Author’s Note: Dedicated to all moms and their little men