Lynn C. Price


IWVPA Double Tap Award for War Poetry: May 26, 2007
Awarded: May 26, 2007
What does it mean when you hear “Memorial Day”,
Just a day off from work to catch up or play?
Will family and friends gather to have a cook-out,
Just once on this day, will you feel what it’s about?

How many give thanks to the Warriors of our land,
Who fought in the jungles and bled in the sand?
For the names on that Wall and Monuments in town,
Each gave us their all when they lay their lives down.

When Uncle Sam calling, each one answered, “Yes,
I’ll stand with my Brothers and fight with the best.”
Our Soldiers trained well and boarded those airplanes;
They went off to war where each life was changed.

On land and in air great battles were fought,
Proud battleships roared for freedom’s high cost.
The Army and Air Force, the Navy and Marine Corps,
Along with our Coast Guard have served in each war.

For each of our Fallen, a young Mother cried,
A Father held on tightly with a heart full of pride.
Children grew up without a Mom or a Dad,
Just pictures and memories of a life they once had.

Please take part of your day and raise your Flag high,
Send prayers to the families of our Heroes who died.
Go visit a Veteran who sits in that wheelchair,
He’s still fighting battles and feels no one cares.

Let’s all stand together and salute one and all,
Our Defenders of Freedom who answered the call.
For our Brothers and Sisters who paid the high price,
America salutes you as freedom shines bright.

We’ll raise up “Old Glory”, with hands over our hearts,
May each feel the pride and let Her colors impart,
The love of our Veterans and Soldiers as She waves,
Hold close to the memories of this Memorial Day.

Author’s Note: For each of our Soldiers and Veterans. America Salutes You!