Lynn C. Price


IWVPA Double Tap Award for War Poetry: May 26, 2007
Awarded: May 26, 2007
The sun rose this morning in a sky, oh so blue.
When making their coffee, if only she knew.
The mountains before her she’d soon have to climb,
She’d crawl under the covers and pray for more time.

Her husband’s a good man, they married for life,
In love with each other, she enjoys being his wife.
Together their children were raised to be strong,
Have faith in their Savior; with Him you can’t go wrong.

Their daughter’s a mommy, for just this past summer,
Twins entered their lives; she’s now a grandmother.
A son in the Army, another serves in the Corp,
Faith deeply tested when both went off to war.

Both wrote home often to keep them abreast,
Letters she treasures, she stores in a chest.
They met at the airport when each got a break,
She cherished each visit, the photos she’d take!

She heard the car door, somehow she knew,
These men in crisp uniforms were bringing bad news.
A chopper went down; one son was on board,
Gasping for breath, oh how her heart tore.

She called her husband, “honey, what’s wrong?”
The words rushed out quickly, “Our son is gone.”
He grabbed his keys, flew out the shop door,
Missed the stop light, now she’s lost one more.

Hearing the sirens, her daughter telephoned,
“There’s a wreck on the highway; is daddy not home?
I’ll be on my way, the twins I must pick up.”
In her haste to get home, she missed a blind curve.

Another car slowly came up the drive,
Even more bad news, her other son has died.
A bomb exploded, they said it was an IED,
Killed all aboard of his armored humvee.

Her mind is now numb, her soul is so cold;
Reeling from shock of the news they have told.
The tears started falling, she slipped to the floor:
“Take me dear God, I can’t take anymore.”

She cried, she prayed, she did her best;
She laid six loved ones down to rest.
For ten long years, she lived alone,
Now this Angel is going home.