Lynn C. Price


“Ring out the old, let’s welcome the new,”
As the midnight hour draws near,
Grab on to your sweetheart and give them a kiss,
Let’s all drink a cup of good cheer.

Oh, what a year we’ve all lived through,
Heartaches, turmoil and pain,
When brought to our knees, we lifted our hearts,
God kept us from going insane.

We watched as our children went off to war,
Silently dying inside.
Grasping at straws, we gathered together,
Sharing this roller coaster ride.

Friendships were formed o’er internet lines,
A bond that grows stronger each day,
Sharing the lives of each of our kids;
Together we learned how to pray.

When all’s said and done, we give it our all,
As each of our Heroes will do.
Learning to give when hearts break apart,
To real friendships we’ve sworn to be true.

Friends are a rarity in this cold, lonely world,
With each one we’re richly blessed,
I give you my thanks from a Soldier Mom’s heart,
Knowing that my friends are the best.