Lynn C. Price


IWVPA Double Tap Award for War Poetry: April 16, 2007
Awarded: April 16, 2007
Mom drew a circle around her proud heart,
“I’ll hold you right here son, as long as we’re apart.
Remember your prayers and hold onto your truths,
Take my love with you, for Mothers serve too.”

Dad, looking somber, stood out from the rest,
“If you give all you can, I’ll know you did your best.
I’ve never asked more than I thought you could do,
Take my pride with you, for Fathers serve too.”

Tommy looked wiser, much older than sixteen,
“I’ll wax her each Friday and thanks for the keys.
Keep it under 60 and close the sunroof,
Yeah, I’m going to miss ya’, for brothers serve too.”

Angie stood twirling her little, blonde curls,
“While you’re away, will I still be your best girl?
Can I jump on your bed and have tea parties with Sue?
I’m trying to act big now, for sisters serve too.”

Mary fought hard to hold back her tears,
A battle she lost as the goodbyes drew near,
“Write when you can and know I love you;
I’ll send pictures and letters, for wives serve too.”

A lone Soldier stands at the door to the plane,
This moment in time is engraved in his brain.
Tomorrow’s not certain. He knows not what he’ll go through;
Faith will sustain him for, Angels fight too.

He missed family holidays and the birth of his son,
Tho’ nightmares still haunt him, he’s finally coming home.
He looks out the window on a sea of red, white and blue,
Loved ones greet him, for families serve too.

Author’s Note: Dedicated to every Warrior – we all serve