Lynn C. Price


Dear Mr. Soldier, my Mommy said I could write:
She hugged me a little closer as we watched the news tonight.
I’m just a little girl and really don’t understand,
Why so many men are fighting and not playing in the sand.

My Daddy was a Soldier, he often went away,
Mommy didn’t have to remind me to talk to God and pray.
She said he served with honor; a leader of many men,
All I know is I miss him and he’s not coming home again.

I often find Mommy crying, when she thinks I’ve gone to bed,
She holds a Flag next to her heart and his pillow ‘neath her head.
What can I say to Mommy to help with all her pain?
I know her heart is broken; can the sun shine through the rain?

Did you know my Daddy? He’s tall with curly hair;
Mommy says I look like him, the same blue eyes we share.
He loved to tell me stories and take me to the park,
He chased away the monsters and we caught fireflies at dark.

I’m sending you a picture of us on Christmas Eve,
It was our last night together – soon he had to leave.
I hope you like my letter and maybe you’ll write back,
May Jesus send His Angels to bring your favorite snacks.

Thank you, Mr. Soldier; I know your job is hard,
I’ve asked my friends at school to send you special cards.
Brush your teeth and wash your ears before you go to sleep,
Say your prayers and please be safe, in Jesus’ love believe.