Lynn C. Price


I hope you get this letter, as there’s not much time to write,
1st Sgt gave the orders to send letters home tonight.
We’re camped out in the desert, on alert for those bad guys,
While on patrol this evening, a star fell from the sky.

It brought back many memories of when I was just a child,
How far these boots have traveled; each step, a hundred miles.
Yes, I’m eating healthy and am well as well can be,
Though days are long and tiring and most nights we just can’t sleep.

Every now and then, we get the hometown news,
Garbage mostly printed; why can’t they write our truths?
If I live to ninety, I’ll never understand
How lives can be discarded when blood falls in the sand.

The politics are sickening for, this ain’t Bush’s war,
When evil hit our Country we vowed to stand in force.
Some say we came for oil, well, oil I haven’t found,
Those WMD’s that’s missing? We find them in the ground!

For those who doubt our reasons, the why’s we’re in this war?
Mom, I just can’t help it, but it hurts me to the core.
I’ve lost so many buddies, men who gave their all,
They died for God and Country and freedom’s glorious call.

I often think of Dad; how he never talked of war,
But now I know his demons, for us he gladly bore.
You probably never saw me as I watched you kneel and pray,
Mom, I’ll have to tell you, I asked to take his place.

Some fifteen years since Taps echoed all around,
You held me oh, so tightly, when they lowered Daddy down.
I looked into the eyes of a braver man than me
For a Flag he gave to you became a distant memory.

Mom, you did your best and I hope you’re proud of me;
I had to take a stand and fight for hope and peace.
Thanks for all the letters and the boxes most of all,
It’s a sad and lonely feeling when a Soldier’s name ain’t called.

Say hi to all the family and I’ll be home when I can,
Give thanks for all the Angels who watch over this young man.
I send to you my heart and hope you feel the beat,
Each one, a clear reminder of dreams I hope to keep.

Well, Mom, it’s 3 months later; my letter missed the flight,
All hell broke loose when closing that distant starry night.
I asked a friend to hold it, to see it got through to you,
One day I’d like to talk about the battles we’ve gone through.

If old Joe, the mailman, still makes his rounds so late,
I know you’ve stopped to read this just inside the gate.
The sun is slowly setting; you’re straining in the gloom,
Lift your eyes towards Heaven, for I’m sleeping in my room!!!!

Author’s note: Although fictional, I started this poem for a friend. Many brave men and women serve in the Military, volunteering to give their all. For each one, we give our heartfelt thanks and will be forever indebted for your selfless service. For those who did give their all, your sacrifices were NOT in vain. We’ll see you again one day; proudly raising respectful hands in salute of our Heroes. And for all who bear the wounds of war, scars that may never heal, I hope you know how much each badge of courage means to me.