Lynn C. Price

(For Mother’s Day)

Photograph ©Copyright 2007 by Alan L. Winters
Photograph ©Copyright 2007 by Alan L. Winters
Dear Mom, I hope this letter finds its way,
To your sweet heart on Mother’s Day.
I know you’d worry more and more,
When we heard the call of war.

Your son is well, as well can be,
Be proud to know we still believe,
That freedom’s worth each day apart,
And love won’t die within our hearts.

I’ve seen firsthand how evil grows,
When nothing’s done to give them hope.
Many men have fought and died,
So others know the cost of pride.

You raised me well. You did your best,
In loving you, I am blessed.
I give thanks each day for morals instilled,
When I was a child, young and free-willed.

If not for the guidance from your gentle hands,
There’s no way I’d make it in faraway lands.
Striving each day to be all I can be,
So others that follow, sweet freedom will keep.

Mom, I do love you and hope you’ll enjoy
The flowers and candy sent from your boy.
I’ll be home when I can and somehow we’ll find,
Lost moments in life, sweet Mother of mine.

Author’s Note: Dedicated to all Mothers, for we serve, too