Lynn C. Price


“Daddy, come back!” as the hearse pulled away,
“I’m just a young girl and don’t know how to be brave.”
Christa holds Kailynn, catching her child’s tears,
“Though Daddy’s in Heaven, he’ll always be near.”

Hunter and Spencer cling to their Mother,
Too young to know how to, but they’re there for each other.
Their Father’s a Hero and stands tall in their eyes;
It’s never been easy to say final goodbyes.

Sgt. John Griffith was a proud Army man;
He died for his Country in Abad, Afghanistan.
Along with nine comrades on board a Chinook,
His name’s lovingly etched in Heaven’s Life Book.

John served in the Army since May of ‘91,
Robert and Barbara were so proud of their son.
Both knew loss early with the death of Christine,
One child’s enough; can this be a bad dream?

We’ll grieve in our hearts and hold memories close,
Although we weren’t ready, God gathered our Heroes.
John, we will miss you, our love will continue on,
When our missions are over, you’ll welcome us home.

A 21 gun salute as TAPS echoes around,
With love and respect, you’re placed in hallowed ground.
God sends His Angels to those left behind,
Wrap them in comfort, and ease grieving minds.

America thanks you for answering that call,
If only we knew you’d have to give your all.
And ‘though you’re not with us, when we were attacked,
You died so no child will say, “Daddy, come back!”

©Copyright June 24, 2006 by Lynn C. Price

Author’s Note: In Loving Memory of Sgt. John C. Griffith ~ born into Eternal Life May 5th 2006. Christa, Hunter, Spencer, and Kailynn: Daddy’s Angels on Earth. Robert and Barbara Griffith, our love is with you