Lynn C. Price


He awoke Christmas morning, wiped the sleep from his eyes,
With one glance at the landscape, he knew dreams sometimes lie.
For, wasn’t it just yesterday he raced down the stairs;
Always the first one to see if Santa had been there?

He’d yell for his brothers, “Guys, look at the toys!”
Sweet memories to hold onto, when he was a boy.
Like the sand that surrounds him, time shifts, twirls and spins,
Now one day’s a lifetime, in this hell he lives in.

IWVPA Double Tap Award for War Poetry: December 29, 2006
Awarded: December 29, 2006
As the sun slowly rises his feet hit the floor,
With six months behind him, this day’s just one more.
Out in the compound he heard someone sing,
“Happy Birthday to Jesus” and “Let Freedom Ring”.

With a shower and shave, some coffee and chow,
He fired up the computer, “Mom, are you on now?”
Back in America, families have prayed,
“Lord, let us hear from our Soldier this day.”

God hears every prayer of all Soldiers’ Moms;
He’s caught every teardrop when she’s lost and alone.
She clicks on his picture, “Son, yes, I’m here.”
All the while hoping her words show no fear.

They chat for an hour, each family member stops by,
Sending sweet greetings as they try not to cry.
“Mom, I must go now, spend some time with the men.
Just after dinner, our patrol will begin.”

“Son, we do miss you and love you so much;
Reach for the stars and feel your Mom’s touch.
Always remember that no matter how far you may roam,
You’re here in my heart, though 6,000 miles from home.”

Author’s Note: For Every Hero Who Missed Christmas with Family, We Do Thank You