Richard D. Preston


There are times in this life when your steps
Will lay footprints upon the trail of sadness.
It is then and only then when you must decide how
To battle the dark spirit of heartbreak.

The weapons must be chosen wisely and our words must
Contain much wisdom…
We must seek to comfort,
and we must fight our own war of tears
less we fall prey to that which we have come to destroy.

Trod upon this trail with steps of kindness
For one day this trail shall come around full circle.
Upon this path we will meet our Brothers and Sisters,
They will be in need of our strength and understanding.
We must bring with us courage and light.
We must have the will to bear their wounds
We must have the compassion to feel their suffering,
And with gentleness affirm to them they are not a burden,
But a Blessing…

Seek to encourage and to lift them up in prayer,
Plead to the Great Spirit to hold them in the safety of His bosom.
Seek not to please our own will, for our ways are not His ways.
The Pathway of the Spirit leads to light.

We shall realize that the wayfarer must finish the journey alone.
We can be but a guide to the path of sorrow, yet we can hold
The hand of the travelers as they step into the light of Heaven.

Think upon love,
Grieve for a time,
But remember…
this path will appear again and your own journey
Will begin, and you will be comforted.