Richard D. Preston


Nancy, Boon, Tony
Nancy Preston, Richard Preston, Tony Pahl

Eric, Tony, Kristie
Eric Newell, Tony Pahl, Kristie Newell

Allan, Boon, John, Tony
Allan Hladick, Richard Preston, John Mallernee, Tony Pahl
Photographs Copyright June 2004 by Richard D. Preston
All enjoyed the mad hatter’s wild ride. Tired from walking through the maddening crowd to meet the Bushranger at the Lincoln memorial and the emotional walk to and from the Wall, we all opted to take a cab to Union Station. Tony flagged down a cab driver and the cab driver decided that six of us could get into the cab making the total passengers seven in one cab.

Now I’m not the sharpest knife in the drawer but I figured out that four of us would most likely be jammed in asshole to belly button in the back and much to my surprise this calculating genius was right. Nancy, Kristy, Tony and I drew the short straws and ended up packed in the back seat.

Although Tony was in seventh heaven being crushed by Nancy and Kristy, and made the trip with a satisfied grin on his face I on the other hand was having a love affair with a door handle. If I had smoked I would definitely need a cigarette after the ride. Face pressed against the glass looking like an overblown goldfish with my eyes bugging out the cab driver burned rubber trying to get his nasty old cab into traffic. This is where the fun began for Tony and the nightmare began for me and my lover, Miss Doorknob.

This driver spoke broken English, looked Iranian and drove like a kamikaze pilot through the streets of DC. The back of the car kept hitting on the drive shaft, in turn giving this old boy a poke in the ribs every time it did so. Darting from left to right, then into the left hand turning lane to continue around pissed off straight bound traffic his driving left us all with an OH SHIT look on our face each time he pulled this maneuver. Tires squealing, metal scraping metal, sharp left and right turns and the “G” forces i.e. (goose factor) experience made this an exceptional ride to Union Station.

Meanwhile, if we lived, I was quite certain I would never walk again and I was considering asking Nancy for a divorce so that I could marry the doorknob. Well hell, to make a long story short we did make it to Union Station. All of us piled out of the hell-mobile, paid the sucker and limped into the station like we had just got out of Yoga class.

I know what your thinking, WHY DID YOU ALL GET INTO THAT CAB?

Well I’ll give you the same excuse everyone gives when they have no real answer…”BECAUSE”, THAT’S WHY!

Details, always details!

Author’s Note: Relating the tale of an incident that was part of the 24 hours in Washington, DC on June 12/13, 2004 when Richard and Nancy Preston, Kristy and Eric Newell, Allan Hladick, John Mallernee (all from the USA) and Anthony Pahl (from Australia) met in the fulfillment of a 5 year dream.