Richard D. Preston


Some things are best left in the mist
though drifting into the past is hard to resist.
When it comes to the ravages of one man’s war
better to close portal and drive nails into the door.
Some dark secrets are best left alone;
to dig up the past invites ghouls to your home.
The author of the nightmare pens the details grim:
these crypts are best opened and closed by him.
When the time is right these demons will be brought to the light;
until then they must rule silently treacherous in the night
A good man may die a thousand deaths
A great man may re-trace a thousand of his steps
A brave man will face danger with clenched jaw and tight fist
But a Hero,
He will never, never, ever, drag loved ones into the mist

Author’s Note: Dedicated to Grey Eagle, a Vietnam Veteran and one of the bravest men I know.