Richard D. Preston


Richard D. Preston: The TitleThe years have gone so quickly
Or so at least it seems
From the days long since past
When I was a young marine

Spit and polish and shining brass
My uniforms were crisp and new
There was no time for any doubt
Instinctively I knew what to do

I fought a war unpopular with most
But I fought it just the same
For you see, United States Marine
Meant more to me than just a name

It was an honor I had to earn
To be tested among the few
The proudest days I can recall
Was when I wore dress blues

Father time has taken a toll
But some things I’ll always remember
Leatherneck, Jarhead, and Devildog
Are titles that are mine forever

The marines are a brotherhood
Our traditions will always live on
For we live and die for freedoms cause
We’re a cut above the common bond