Richard D. Preston


Osama Bin Laden knocking’ on my back door
Terror from the skies fightin’ a rag head war
New York City smoking,
Building droppin’
People chokin’
My mouth wide open
Look up twice
One Tower did not suffice
sucker blasted the other twin
Destruction from another air-o-plane
People jumping from buildings
on fire an screamin’
man I gotta be dreamin’
Fire fighters dyin’
People below cryin’
Ghosts in white running’
Covered with dust watchin’
themselves bleed
Can’t believe what their own eyes see
Just like a scene from a damn horror show
Ain’t no where to run
Ain’t no where to go
Smoke like a tidal wave rollin’
Death takin’ its toll an’
Turning day black
Takin’ out the Sun
Under attack,
No time to chill,
Can’t stand still,
What can ya say?
What can ya do?
When your whole life is exploded
By a fanatical fool
No respect
For man woman or child
Just a rogue MAMMA JAMMA gone hog wild
We gotta protect
We gotta survive
We gotta fight back if we gonna stay alive
But this ain’t a punk on a midnight ride
This was broad daylight and babies died
This is the day the whole world cried
Statue of Liberty even sighed
Fatal morning
Terror came from the skies
This crime demands an eye for an eye
We want bin Laden dead or alive,
Better dead than alive
Betta dead than alive
We will survive
We must survive
New York city
Will remain alive
September 11 2001
America standin’ together as one
Yeah, brother this ain’t over,
Till Osama bin Laden’s pushing up clover
Shine on momma, shine on daughter
We ain’t no lamb being led to the slaughter
Brace yourself father, stand tall son
NYC spirits jus’ begun
Liberty an Unity
4 – ever – the World will see
The world will see

Author’s Note: A deaf friend of mine who was in New York City when the Twin towers were blown up was devastated as he witnessed the scene. He saw it first hand. Toby may be deaf but he has it pretty well wired together. He wrote a rap song and I listened to him as he performed it one night for me at Wal-Mart. He had tears in his eyes as he was rappin’. He asked me to write a Rap song for him (if you can imagine) So I did. The above are the words but the magic would have to come from this 19-year-old young man who grew up fast in NYC on September 11, 01

In his hood, as he calls it, he is known as Nemo Da Kid. This old Marine, who don’t know Rap from Adam, wrote this for him. Thought this would be a good time to share it.