Richard D. Preston


If I have failed in any way
If I have ever to you failed to say
That I know your pain, I understand
What it’s like to walk this barren land
Misunderstood, a broken man

Forgive me please.

My Brother If I have let you down
If I seem to have forgotten laughter’s sound
If when I see you I shed a tear
May I never fail to tell you.
It is a comfort to have you near
If I have failed to say I share the same fears

Forgive me please.

My Brother though I may never behold your face
Even though we trod upon hells own place
We are one in spirit, Brothers of war
We never knew what Vietnam had in store
But we survived the worst; we made it through
We are still victims – me and you
And when we pause to count the bloody cost
when our hearts remember the forever lost
Know, dear Brother, that we do not stand alone
for we stand with those upon the Granite stone
We stand in life and we’ll stand in death
together We will stand among the very best
You and I

And for this I shall ask no forgiveness
Even if only now we are only.
“Halfway Home”

Semper Fidelis

Author’s Note: For Lou “Caliber” Klaiber