Richard D. Preston


IWVPA Bronze Helmet Top Poet Award of Excellence
Awarded: June 2001
Time may dull the windows
of eyes that once were young.
There was a time, of times, years ago
where those windows reflected sun.

Bright, and searching portals
seeking the innocence of his world
fascinated by all he saw, he learned,
as before him life unfurled

The world before him opened wide;
there was much for him to see.
A defender of his country,
he was sent to fight across the sea

Through those eyes he saw his war,
just a lad of nineteen years.
There he lost the clarity of youth
behind a veil of tears.

The eyes of wonder turned to eyes of rage
as he fought amongst the hell
that soon shattered the windows of his soul
the day his Brothers fell

During this time of times,
the eyes of youth had turned to stone
Hardened by red blood and clay;
by his Nation he was disowned

In the white heat of his battle,
among the deafening roar of war
through eyes that saw the round that hit
he lay dying at death’s door

Held tight in the arms of a brother
in silence they both cried
A time of times upon the earth
ended with vacant eyes

Time may dull the windows
Of eyes that once were young
there was a time, of times, years ago
where these windows reflected the sun