C.M. Powell


Some folks might think he’s a shabby guy,
But more handsome fellow I ever seen,
Though his boots be heavy leather, his felt hat all a fray,
He wears a uniform of green,
No silver wings he wears; he doesn’t fly a plane

For fame and fortune he’s not very keen,
But if you have been fighting he is with you and is seen,
This man in uniform of green.

He is not the sort of chap that girls all try for,
And with others he is slow,
But he is the chap that girls would die for,
If you loved him you would know;
So stout this man in uniform of green
And has kept the Japs from the land we know,
This man in uniform of green.

From our homes and cities where he may have been
The charge your glasses boy,
And toast these other chaps and tell the boys
And this man in uniform of green.