Michael H. Pounds
(aka Savage Grace)


“There was a time so long ago that seems like yesterday;
The day the children lost their lives, a day for which I’ll pay.”

I placed myself behind these walls because of what I’d done.
I prayed some days, in several ways, to be denied the sun.
For the longest time I tried to find answers to ease the pain
Self medicating every day to eliminate the rain.

I placed myself behind theses bars to lock inside my guilt
And now I find, I’m lost in time, I have begun to wilt.
Many years have passed away never to be seen;
I hesitate to ask myself is this just a dream.

I placed myself inside this void so empty, deep, and cold,
Tortured by the memories wrapped inside my soul.
And now I feel the pressure the time is closing in
I pray once more, this life to die, another to begin

These walls I placed myself behind although some years ago,
seem to crumble more each day some light begins to show.
The pain that dwelt so deep within will rise and dissipate;
The rain that poured will be no more now that I’m awake.

These bars I placed myself behind have now begun to rust
No longer caged by fits of rage – a lesson learned in trust
As for the years that came and went unnoticed and unseen,
I find myself looking forward, no more the impossible dream

This void I placed myself within it too has begun to fill
My soul refreshed anew a strengthening of my will
As I soar above the clouds no more lost in time
I thank you Lord for now I know I’m alive and doing fine.