Tom Poole


A seadog once skippered a Swift Boat
Cambodia on Christmas he said
Now he usually got caught in a misquote
So he made up a story instead

In his memory he said it was seared
President Nixon’s fault he injected
Not knowing it made him look weird
‘Cause Nixon was not yet elected

Caught in the lie, he dug in his heels
And made up less plausible tales
His cargo was special, possibly seals
Not whoppers these, but whales!

Running for office, he now changed his mind
And bragged of three hearts and two stars
He forgot the real sailors he surely maligned
And continued to write false memoirs

Now when it was over and he knew he had lost
He considered the kit and caboodle
A seadog for office should never be tossed
But too late he learned he’s a poodle