Joe Pielmeier Sr

Webmaster’s Note: My April 15, 2006 request to Joe’s family to include this poem on the IWVPA website attracted this response (in part):

“My name is Heather and I am Joe’s granddaughter. I would be honored to have Pap’s work included on your pages. Pap proudly served in the navy during WWII. My fiancé returned from Iraq a little over a year ago. He also responded to the flight 93 crash site, as we live very close to the site.”

Heather – April 21, 2006

Joe went to Heaven on December 5, 2002


He won’t be home for Christmas,
‘Cause he’s far across the sea.
He won’t be home for Christmas,
For he’s there to keep us free.

He didn’t ask to fight this war,
His country made the call.
He answered and not questioned why
For he saw the Towers fall.

He won’t be home for New Years,
‘Cause he has a job to do.
He won’t be home for New Years,
‘Cause he gives his all for you.

He proudly wears the uniform,
Like his father had before.
And he heard of how his grandpa,
Went marching off to war.

He may not be here for Easter,
Who knows how long he’ll be.
This battle will go on and on,
We’ll have to wait and see.

You can’t put a price on freedom;
The cost you pay is high.
Some men pay with only scars,
While others have to die.

But those who fight to keep us free,
Are heroes, one and all.
They’ll proudly serve and not complain,
Till all the terrorists fall.

When you see that uniform,
Worn by men and women too,
Step up and show how proud you are,
For what they’ve done for you.

They won’t be home for Christmas,
And we’ll miss them ‘round the hearth.
Pray that they return, home soon.
And PEACE returns to earth.

Dear GOD I never ask for much,
But now I come to YOU.
Please bless all those who love their flag,
Blood RED, Pure WHITE, True BLUE!