Angela Marie Peterson

Angela served with the US Army in Baghdad, Iraq in 2003


As I lie in my bed these thoughts go through my head,
I wonder what the meaning is of this I am dreaming.
I am dreaming of home and the people I miss,
while I am trapped in a never-ending abyss.
An abyss so unbelievable it can’t be true,
Then I hear shots go through the sky so blue.
I realize I am here there is no end,
Do not know how much time I will spend.
I grab my rifle and run through the night,
I fight for my life with all my might.
I’ve been hit I fall to the ground,
I see all the people running around.
I hear the helicopter it’s coming my way;
I see my body being taken away.
I yell wait for me! Wait for me!
I look down there is two of me.
I did not make it I am dead,
Please tell my mother the news she has dread.
Tell her I loved her with all of my heart,
And for my country, well I’ve done my part.

SPC Christopher M. Taylor
SPC Christopher M. Taylor

Author’s Note: This poem is dedicated SPC Christopher M. Taylor US Army. KIA February 16, 2004 by an IED, Baghdad Iraq