Alan M. Peters


Once we left you here at home, while we went far away,
Never once did we forget you, we thought of you each day.
You never left our minds, not once, while we did fight the foe,
But every one of us forgets, how time for you was slow.
We did but stay a single year, and for us it quickly passed,
But for those of you we left behind, a lifetime did it last.
You never knew what news would come, or when it would be brought,
And for some at least, the news was bad, as it is when wars are fought.
We went to war, we went as one, our mates were always near
While you were left at home, alone, to cope with lonely fear.
Now every year we gather close, and leave you alone once more,
We have our memories, and our mates, as we re-fight the war.
You hailed us as heroes, shiny medals on our chest,
But if we would admit it, we know who was the best.
These medals that we carry, that always look like new,
These shiny bits of metal, they should belong to you.
So to all the women we left behind, who backed us all the way,
You are among the heroes we salute, on each Remembrance Day.

Author’s Note: Dedicated to my late mother who sat at home through four wars waiting for family members to come home