Nick Harry Percowycz

I am not a Veteran. As a matter of fact, I am a former protester of the Vietnam War! Although I was not one of the protesters that disgraced our flag or our soldiers, I was beaten many times for what I believed in. I was against the politicians and their continued support for what I considered a political war!

Ever since the end of that war, I have been haunted with the thought that my actions as a youngster may have caused some kind of harm to our Veterans. As I have grown older and wiser, I understand what our soldiers went through in Vietnam. If I have caused any Veteran harm – I APOLOGIZE!

Today, I am VERY proud to be an American. I am VERY proud of the American Veteran! I realize all their battles were fought for me! The sins of my youth are forever with me, but as a proud American, I say with all my heart – GOD BLESS THE AMERICAN VETERAN!

Webmaster’s Note: I was so moved by Nick’s words that I decided to display them as written rather than alter them to the 3rd person perspective as is my usual practice. Thank you, Nick.

Anthony W. Pahl, OAM
Australian Vietnam Veteran and IWVPA Webmaster
January 30, 2006

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