Dick Patton

Dick Patton is a songwriter who lives in West Virginia


She sits at the kitchen table. A tear runs down her face
Worryin’ bout the man she loves in that awful place
Her baby cries she holds her close and sings a little song
About her hero father coming home before too long

Her soldier is a hero who puts himself out in harms way
People of our land safe and free each day
But she’s an unsung hero who’s also in a fight
Against the fear and misery and loneliness each night

She sends him letters daily just to keep him all abreast
Of the happy things he’s missing never mentioning the rest
She wouldn’t want to worry him so she would never tell
Of the fears and trials she’s facing in her little piece of Hell

The men she meets remind her that she can turn a head
And at night she feels so empty all alone in that big bed
She holds his picture to her and prays to God above
That he’ll come home safe and sound and he’ll still be in love