Kerry “Doc” Pardue

(1073rd Maintenance Company)

1073rd Maintenance Company: Michigan National Guard
Michigan National Guard 1073rd Maintenance Company
Ah… the memories of a place called home
Been gone a year in a place called Iraq
Has it been a full year since we have left?
How our lives are forever changed

Missions completed and we are now back home
In Central Michigan and December snow.
38 women and 168 men left home last year
From hamlets, villages, boroughs, towns, and cities
Within a County called Montcolm.

Captain Jennelle and 1st Sgt. Rhiimaa
Gave us direction, guidance, and care
We all came home because of them
We know God heard thousands of prayers

We were the sons and daughters, wives and husbands,
Mothers and fathers, brothers and sisters, friends and sweethearts
We left behind our families who remained faithful and strong
Your support was tremendous and thanks for the welcome home

We repaired the equipment, ran the mess hall, provided security
We made a difference to the men and women who fought by our side
To the people who live there we left behind as friends
We know we made a difference we feel it in our heart

Baseball, and football, and rides on Magic Carpets helped to pass the time
Our hearts and thoughts were always with you the folks back home
We trust that you will always remember the men and women who served
God Bless America and our soldiers too,
We are the two hundred and six of the 1073rd.