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Emily Strange: Donut Dolly
Emily Strange: Donut Dolly

Holly Watts: Donut Dolly
Holly Watts: Donut Dolly

Mary Ellen, Glenda and Lois: Donut Dollies
Mary Ellen, Glenda and Lois
Donut Dollies
What’s a girl doing in a place like this?
You were all so beautiful and full of grace
We could not take our eyes off their round eyes or their legs
And the way the area smelled when they were around
Set our heads and hearts a spinning

They were the girls from back home
That came to help us forget for a while where we were
We called you our Donut Dollies
But they were much more than that to us
You were our moms, our sisters, our girlfriends and wife’s
Who brought to us a sense of sanity in an insane world of war

They touched not only our hands, they touch our hearts
But more than that they touched our souls
They shared with us the same hardships, the same sadness,
The same joys that war brings to the mind, heart, and soul

These girls in blue gave us hope, and they gave us love
They gave us themselves in a moment in time
The journey we shared made us brothers and sisters
And a few became our soul-mates of the soul

Thank you for being there, thank you for playing the games,
Serving us meals, for singing to us, and loving us when
So few cared about us from back home
We used to call you our Donut Dollies
But now we call you our heroes dressed in powder blue

We are still amazed by your round eyes and legs
For all of us are still dreaming the dreams of 20 year olds
And we still see you through the eyes of innocent boys
Becoming old men before our time
We found that blue is a great color to wear to a war

A Touch of Home - The Vietnam War’s Red Cross Girls

Author’s Note: I know that I have not written in a couple of years but I found that I got inspired again watching a program about the Donut Dollies... “A Touch of Home - The Vietnam War’s Red Cross Girls