Kerry “Doc” Pardue


I was just nineteen years old
When I answered my nation’s call
It was time to put my life on the line
For a thing called liberty and justice for all

Went off to Basic then Medic training
But was not prepared for what was in store
Besides who really knows the difference
Between a conflict and a war

Youthful eyes turned very old
When I saw the horror on battlefield
I became indifferent to the trauma
That was before me, at 20 years old

I returned home wanting to forget it all
But I was a different man
My mind and heart had aged an eternity
War had taken its toll

Life is now filled with sleepless nights
War still raging on in my head
And though I fear no one
I am afraid to go to bed

There are others just like me
Still fighting to stay alive
I certainly am not one of those
Who made widows of our wives

When our country called me
I went above and beyond and more
But when I called on the VA
They refused to answer the door