Anthony W. Pahl


You reach out across into my mind
and hold my hand till I feel fine
but when you are hurt and all alone
you keep it from the friend you found.

Friendship is a two way street;
you select from passers-by you meet
and take a chance to give to them
that part of you that is a friend.

But when YOU find that you need help
you withdraw into yourself.
I find out from a mate we made
that things are bad; that you’re afraid.

So what am I supposed to think;
that your pain will break our bonds and links?
I tell you now, I shout aloud,
my friend, don’t ever be so proud.

My friend, my mate, my pal, my Sis
I know that something is remiss
when I don’t see your wondrous words.
My mind cries out. My heart’s disturbed.

Don’t close me out of what is wrong.
I’m here to help you to be strong
and if there’s aught that I can do
I’m here to help.
I’m here for you.

Author’s Note: For my on-line friend, Sandy Vinsen