Anthony W. Pahl


More than a mere poet, I feel I am
For I read the inner thoughts of those
Who write, with truth, their views of life
And thus, their souls to me expose.

If, in my response to pen or word,
My life’s prejudices mistake the meaning,
Do, or should, or can, I cease to read?
Nay! To do so I would lose life’s dreaming.

And if my heart and mind doth reel
From a perceived slight upon a another
Is it better that I say, in defence, no word
Or by my talent, advise and inform the other?

I mean not to prefer one view above or under
In matters of judgement and perception.
And though, in truth, silence is a virtue excellent
By very nature, it can never change direction.

Thus, my friends of the worthy word
What you say is, to me, important
And if your thoughts stir my heart
Permit me, also, to be a respondent.

Deign to allow me this gift with love and grace
And will I, solemnly and evermore honour that gift
But if my words steel your mind against me
Through your heart, my words and motives, sift.