Anthony W. Pahl


Seek the world; seek the air to find serenity in friendship.
Look behind; and forward: too, around.
Everywhere, hands extend in friendship or need or greed…
And to the simply overpowered and naive mind
the option of an upturned palm is equal in fear to a fist.
For a heart vulnerable to the need for love
is blind to the presence of selfish greed.

The hieroglyphs of the pencil, deeper etched,
are much more clear than the visions
the speaker often eloquently voices;
for the pencil unveils the record of the heart and soul
while word’s face value often leaves the truth untold.

Clearly and with reference, words written thus
allow estimations made with reason, not time.
For then responses need not be spurred by limits
restricted by factors of discharge or departure.
Being they communicated for the heart to read
and the mind to discern, entails an estimation of self.

For a word written cannot be unwritten
yet a word spoken can be denied;
and thus denied, is worth naught but a mere sigh.