Anthony W. Pahl


I heard a poem-for-peace on the web tonight;
but the poem seemed negative, full of anger and spite.
With postures and gestures and tones of great ire,
the writer warned of war and consequences dire!

The speaker narrated that poem for peace,
with eyes gleaming in bright, narcissistic release.
She was angry, not passionate – a poet with spite;
I sadly admit to preferring the mares of the night.

I considered my poems – my writings of war
and bless me or damn me, but I’m bluddy sure
that my words relay much more peace and more love
than those that were spoken by that fiery peace dove!

Author’s Note: I think Peace and Freedom are two separate issues. History seems to prove that Freedom comes at a cost… and often that cost is Peace. This poem is my take on a video of a “Poet for Peace” that I saw on the internet recently. Perhaps something was lost in the broadcast (the video/speech was way out of synch), but I felt a sense of betrayal and discomfort after watching a clip of Venus Jones at “Poets for Human Rights” reading the poem, “Freedom Doesn’t Live Here Any More”. Of note is the fact that the clip has been removed by the author from where it was on display on “YouTube” and, sadly, I was unable to obtain a copy.

This poem and “Freedom Doesn't Live Here Any More” were the inspiration for the response, “Peace, War, and Folly” ~ ©Copyright February 14, 2007 by Robert A. Brown

This poem and the response “Protestations of Peace” ~ ©Copyright February 12, 2007 by Thurman P. Woodfork prompted the poems of friendship “Speaking of Peace” ~ ©Copyright February 12, 2007 by Faye Sizemore and “Why Can't We All Get Along?” ~ ©Copyright February 12, 2007 by Gary Jacobson

Submitted for the January 2007 IWVPA Club Theme Project, “Miscommunication