Anthony W. Pahl

Maria and Anthony Pahl - November 2004
Maria and Anthony Pahl - November 2004

She wears, with great honour, the scars of my battles.
She’s cared for my mind since my body came home.
She holds my hand gently when I become rattled
and succours my heart at the sound of each groan.

She helps fight my demons and the ghosts of my war
and stands firmly alongside me as in terror I scream.
She leads me to life when death knocks on my door
and experiences the hells about which I merely dream.

She tends my heart’s wounds with the touch of a dove
and provides me with solace when I feel nothing but pain.
She fights every battle with strength born of true love
and bestows these gifts freely, and in silent refrain.

Dedicated to my darling wife, Maria, who still stands by my side since we met in 1966