Anthony W. Pahl

Boon and the Bushranger - Lebanon NH, December 2001
Boon and the Bushranger
Lebanon NH, December 2001

The concourse spread a thousand miles
before my eager mind
With a million miles and thirty years
about to be defied
I turned that corner for the last ten yards
and saw Boondocker’s eyes.

A heartbeat pause; a tearful blink;
a raised arm; I saw him stand.
With a sense of truth and reality
we clasped each other’s hand;
an embrace of long lost brothers
erased the years… and it felt grand.

Nancy stood a step behind
and watched with joy filled heart.
She waited quietly in the rear
for Boon and me to part.
I hugged her with a sense of awe
and she simply said, “At last!”

We’d never met, the three of us,
but that didn’t mean a thing;
the joy of friends together
allowed our hearts to sing.
The excitement of a dream come true –
Only God, this gift, could bring.

Author’s Note: Recalling a reunion of two Vietnam Veterans… and Australian and an American... who had not previously met, but who fought the same war.