Anthony W. Pahl


Composite Photo of the Southern Cross Constellation and the Moon
Composite photograph of the Southern Cross Constellation and the Moon
11:30 pm, June 6, 1970: The Freedom Bird touched down in Sydney. Through Immigration, Customs, and Army Movement, I finally exited the terminal doors and stepped onto Australian soil after 12 months in Vietnam. With the protestors and police on hand to greet us… the only thing that was welcoming was the Southern Cross but my beloved constellation was dim, almost hidden by the darkness of smog and ambient light.

Alone, The Moon Saw Me Home…

A response inspired by the poem, “The Moon Saw Me Home” ~ ©Copyright November 28, 1996 by John-Ward Leighton (Revised: February 27, 2007), This retrospective inspired the response “… And Blue Moon Saw Him Home” ~ ©Copyright March 5, 2007 by Christina A. Sharik