Anthony W. Pahl


I heard the explosion
Felt the pain in my back
Then for a few minutes there was nothing but black
I heard your scream…
Saw movement around…
Why am I here on my back on the ground?

There’s blood on your arm
A glazed look in your eye
But you won’t talk to me and I don’t know why!
What was it doc said?
“I’m sorry, he’s gone… “
Talk to me mate; don’t leave me alone.

I’m not dead! I’m not dead!
Can’t you see I’m alive?
Hold me my friend and you’ll know I’ve survived!
Don’t leave me here…
What will I do?
It’s always been us – just me and you.

Where are you going?
Why do you cry?
You’re walking away and I want to know why!
I feel strange… oh so strange
and it’s so hard to see
How is it that I’m looking at me?

Where am I going?
Where are my tags?
Who is the reason for that green body bag?
Hold onto my hand…
Don’t let me go…
It’s Christmas my friend but where is the snow?

Submitted for the December 2001 IWVPA Club Theme Project, “A Memorable Christmas