Anthony W. Pahl


Ralph and The Team
Ralph and The Team (Ralph is the large bear at the back)
I have a Teddy Bear named Ralph
(I’ve written of him before)
He’s my friend and sounding board
Nothing I say does he ignore.

Ralph now has a group of friends,
(I’m unsure of whence they came)
They sit with Ralph beside my bed
and I leave them for him to train.

Sometimes when I’m late to bed,
I stand outside my bedroom door
And swear I hear Ralph’s quiet voice
Teaching friends what they are for.

“Huntsman Harvey, seek the prey
Cowboy Clint, hogtie the foe;
Bellboy Barney show the way
Artist Alphonse record the show.

Doctor Donald, tend his wounds,
Golfer Gordon, keep his pain on par
Sailor Steve navigate his dreams
and Pilot Peter, soar through the dark.

Explorer Edmond and Hiker Henry
My friends, your duty’s clear,
Guide him o’er war’s aftermath
and lead him through his fear.”

Ralph still does what Ralph does best;
He listens to my woes.
He smiles when I am happy
And my needs he always knows

Ralph is my first and dearest friend
and no matter who’s around,
he’s the only Teddy Bear I trust
To keep my mind both safe and sound.

The mention of having written about Ralph previously refers to the poem, “Ralph” ~ ©Copyright October 1, 2000 by Anthony W. Pahl. This poem prompted the response, “Collectors” ~ ©Copyright March 14, 2007 by Alan L. Winters

Submitted for the March 2007 IWVPA Club Theme Project, “Anthropomorphic