Anthony W. Pahl


Sent by special delivery from a far and friendly land
For the day when Australia and New Zealand remember;
The day that they created the template for our countries;
For the day that I and my Anzac brethren-in-arms remember!

His Spirit Bird soars on the storm of electrons
And as it is sent, so is it received
With honour, respect and admiration
For the warriors of these great nations!

Their deeds will be remembered by all who read
Just as our deeds are remembered by all who heed.
His Crow Spirit and the great Grey Eagle’s Spirit
Fly in formation over the flightless Emu and Kiwi.

Together, with great Water Spirit Albatross,
These eternal spirit birds protect air, land and sea
And their presence will surely and forever
Watch and protect the Freedoms of me and thee!