Anthony W. Pahl


Denial contorts the comfort of the urgent need to forget:
My pen and mind have brewed no ink, much to my regret.
Such refusal does not indicate I have no words to write;
Refusing to think about those words exacerbates my plight.
Coping strategies aside, truth and reality is a fact –
We experienced all the things we did: nothing can change that!
When the words excite my brain and I drop them like a coal,
the sadness of a moment lost drains substance from my soul.
The men, the blokes, the brothers with whom I served in Vietnam,
Are forgotten through denial, and that decreases who I am.
To write and tell their stories through my eyes and memories
is to write and tell the story of eternal pains and agonies.
Exposing scars and un-healed wounds to the light of day
will ease the festering of long years past: or so I humbly pray.