Anthony W. Pahl


Do you want to know the reason why I sit alone all day
and watch the sun play hide and seek with leaves, creating shade?
Do you really want to know why in solitude I sit
while whispering breezes enter places I could never fit?
Do you truly want to know my agony at being so alone
when birds can always soar and find a mate to call their own?
Do you need to know the reasons for the vigil that I keep
while the entire world around me rests in their God’s gift of sleep?
Do you think you’d understand if the answers I could give?
Do you really think you’d feel the pain of all that I have lived?
Do you truly want to know the honest reasons why
I sit alone and watch the world? It’s so that I don’t die!

For you do not have my eyes or ears, my memories, or my pain;
and I don’t have the ability to describe all that I’ve seen.
All I can do is take what’s left and use it as I may
and wonder at its purpose as I live another day.

Author’s Note: For Lou “Cal” Klaiber – my Friend and Brother