Anthony W. Pahl


Warriors have a secret language that resides within their minds,
etched deeply on their hearts and souls – impossible to define.
And only Warriors know the language that words cannot convey
so the language is never spoken, and will forever remain that way.

And it’s a language that can’t be written; even torture cannot tear
the key to this enigma from humanity laid bare.
Nor is it just a token; those who know would rather die
than to ever contradict it, refute it or deny.

The language is only learned amid Satan’s hellfire’s hearth.
Only those who’ve felt the fire will know of its true worth.
Even Satan does not know the words; they know he never will,
for the language contains no greed; it’s more a truth they feel.

The eyes of every Warrior are the key to silent words.
Every brother recognises it and in his heart he knows
that the ageless secret language that is written on the soul
is forged from blood and suffering and Satan’s awful toll.

A Warrior’s sense of duty for his brothers and his mates
is bound and borne untiringly atop turbulent seas of hate.
And even in the aftermath of the killing fields of war,
the ageless, unspoken language is still a Warrior’s law.

No one needs to tell or explain the bond so deeply felt
as together Warriors bear the scars and play the hands they’re dealt.
They seek each other’s wisdom while learning from mistakes;
thank God for that silent language and Warriors’ code of grace!