Anthony W. Pahl


What says the friend to lost friendship?
How says the friend to lost dreams?
Why must my heart ache so badly
for differences which remain unseen?

Have my actions been inconsistent?
Were my demands on you all far too great?
Was my desire to fight in the open
the cause of you shutting the gate?

Do you know why my heart is so leaden
and is weighing and crippling my soul?
Do you sense that my heart-breaking agony
creates fear making my blood run cold?

Does all I have said ever since I’ve known you
mean nothing at all to your heart?
Do you not feel the absence of goodness
about all that we shared from the start?

Is the brotherhood that you think of so highly,
and of which you made me an honorary part,
supersede the love of a true friend
who loves you with all of his heart.

I expect nothing from you but compassion
and respect for my point of view.
But I’ve seen the brotherhood smashing
all that is good and is true.

Can you see that The Few are just that;
a Few who can’t survive without war?
And if they can’t fire bullets to hurt you
I can assure you their words hurt much more.

If the Few are always so righteous
why can’t 80 million people agree;
for that is the number of visitors
who appreciate the Wall that they see?

And the Wall is bigger than all of us;
so if I’m being used as you’ve said,
I welcome the gift of my talents
and it is nothing I fear or I dread.

And If I end up being shat on and spat on,
I will ignore it as I have before
and get on with the task I believe in
Shouting the Semper Fidelis you once swore!