Anthony W. Pahl


I never met you mate, but your name was not unknown
I never shook your hand mate, but together we had grown.
We lived in different countries but we fought in the same war
And we served at different times mate, upon that foreign shore.

We were brothers, one and all mate; no matter what our creed
We fought and held each other mate, whenever there was need
We were in that foreign country and never forgot the things we saw
And the brotherhood there formed mate, would never be foresworn.

You’ve travelled to the bridge where all honoured warriors tread
You’re now on sentry duty mate; you’ve forged the way ahead
Keep your eyes alert mate; keep watch on we who’re left behind
For we’re in a dangerous field mate; a field that has been mined.

I’ll meet you at the bridge mate, and together we’ll fight no more
We’ll remember all the good times mate, and recall the times of war
We’ll remember that we lived and we’ll remember those who died
But mate, we’ll remember most of all, all those who for us cried.

Author’s Note: Written to honour the lives of all my Veteran Brothers and in particular Ray Holcomb, a man I never knew

Tony – thanks for writing this:

From all who served, who saw, who shared.
It’s great that someone really cared,
to pen these words about an unknown mate,
who will wait at the bridge to Heaven’s gate.

Frank J. Montoya: March 2, 2004