Anthony W. Pahl


He wallows, as a wild beast, in the living room of civilization!
And with rhetoric worthy of Hitler and Stalin,
calls out and faces down the world – they who refuse to understand.
A glint of evil in the eye of the demigod who holds the rifle;
A rifle with a muzzle that, at the same time, he aims at the naïve world,
and at the people imprisoned in his personal dominion.

Which nations are fearful of him? All are!
But sighted nations see that he demands a ransom be paid in moral blindness.
Blackness oozes from his heart and from the lands of these ancient people
whom he holds hostage against the golden contracts of the morally bankrupt.

An Eagle and a Lion shall direct sanity in this insane world.
Peace and Freedom will reign again in this ancient land,
And Babylon shall once more arise in this cradle of civilization.

But those not willing to pay the cost for freedom and righteousness,
shall accrue the cost of destruction…
… and that destruction shall be theirs and their children’s.