Anthony W. Pahl and Per Cod


Piddi Wrote:

We used to say; live hard and die young; be a beautiful corpse! But then we started seeing a few young corpses and decided they weren’t very beautiful after all. Besides, back when we said those things we thought anyone over 30 was more or less dead already, so I guess it’s too late.

… and I responded thus:

Yes indeed Piddi… but hey, despite (or perhaps because of) all life’s experiences, good and bad, I now know life is too good and short not to grab everything bad and chuck it aside to let it deal with itself. I saddle up the wild brumbies that life provides; they clear the most difficult hurdles in stride, and I revel at the breeze of life that whistles through what’s left of my hair; the wind that causes my teeth to ache and lips to dry, and my heart pumps blood enriched with the knowledge that despite it all, I am ALIVE.

Nothing or nobody, past, present or future, are taking that joy and excitement that is my life without a fight… and the terrible mares of the night can buck and stampede all they want… they have as much of me as I’ve been prepared to give. They can keep seeking and demanding and I shall ever hear them and know they are there; though they may wreck the corral time after time, I will keep repairing it. I may tire but I shall never retire… from life and living! To give in is to denounce everything that I have done and become, and though it may be imperfect, it is all I have!

Seek to rein the wild, dark mares
That rampage through your nights
Sit astride their sleek bare backs,
Grab their manes and hold on tight
The ride is wild and dangerous
For those who seek to live.
To slip and fall will cease it all;
Weakness they won’t forgive.

I wish peace for you my dear friend. We have more mountains to climb; the bottle of Single Malt Scotch is still to be savoured, and the 10,000 year old ice from your country is ready to be chipped. The mountains aren’t going anywhere; the scotch can be “put on ice” and the ice will merely get older. These things provide incentive and hope… there is comfort in that knowledge – can you feel it?