Anthony W. Pahl


The day before the day of terror we felt a kindred bond
that like-minded friends seek out, no matter where they’re from.
And we urged and raised each other to great and wondrous works
that alone, without our friendship, may have been never, ever heard.

We looked, each to the other, for solace in the thoughts
that which soulful hearts demanded be displayed by written words.
And we shared and grew together in the agony of self-doubt
while we grappled with tongues and minds, the proper words to shout.

But mute, we felt our beings shrunken with the weight of pain and grief
when the minions of God’s fallen angel stole innocent lives like thieves.
And even if a pre-warning had revealed the instant of lurid death
The terrors of those minutes still needed to be seen to be believed.

The prince…? Nay, Lord of darkness hardened the willing heart
and led his prophets here on earth to complete their evil task;
but the horror of the carnage upon the innocent who fell that day
has stirred a world of unity that will henceforth light the way.

There will be much more suffering, and some freedoms will be shelved,
and brave young children will die for us and for freedom’s right to reign.
While the agony of a world that has to look in askance at the cause
Will fire the cause of unity – and fan the flames of freedom once again.

God help us to know the worth of freedom, and the total cost
for without your hand to guide us, there is no doubt we will be lost
And grant the Wisdom of Solomon to those who lead the way
And God, like Moses, keep our arms erect – that we make the evil pay.