Anthony W. Pahl


Part 1: Cynical Criticism

So – you went to war and saw some things?
Well, suck it up; that’s what war brings!
Don’t come crying ‘bout the things you’ve done
I’ve got no pity for weak-willed scum!

Friends killed. Sad… Yep sad is true
but there’s nothing you can bluddy do
so quit the tears and wipe your nose;
there ain’t no vase for a dried out rose.

The war is over, finished, done
you lost – you want to blame someone?
Well look inside the history book
My name ain’t there – go take a look

But you were there all brave and brash
the worst wound you got was just a rash
and still you wonder what went wrong…
And you! You dare to wear a gong!

I’ve had enough of your tears and woes
You’re a pitiful form from head to toes
Stand like the man you used to be
and don’t come whinging back to me.

Part 2: Critical Cynicism

Yes – I went to war and saw some things;
I sucked it up and hid my sins.
I’m not crying ‘bout the things I done
but for the sadness yet to come.

Friends dead… too right, but you can’t see
how I wish THEY were alive – not me!
You cannot see the bloody stain
indelibly tattooed on my brain!

The years have gone and the war is done
but don’t you bluddy call me scum.
You admit that you weren’t over there
so how the hell can you know despair!

Yes I WAS there – brave and brash
and yes I got a rancid rash;
would you like to see it now?
Forty years and it’s still there somehow!

You attack me from the cynic’s throne
and taunt me with facts you’ve grown.
Your diatribe spits in my eye
You’ve had enough?! Well so have I!

Submitted for the June 2005 IWVPA Club Theme Project, “Cynic/Cynical