Anthony W. Pahl


Peace! Oh, Peace
Mistress of hope and tomorrow,
unfurl your gossamer banner
in the red evening sky.
Ever display your silhouette
that we always remember
that you are Freedom’s wages!

Freedom! Oh Freedom
Madam, your cost is great
but your value unequalled.
Shall I trade you for Peace?
Shall I ignore you that I may sleep in conditional Peace?
Shall I determine you expendable for the sake of Peace?

Nay, Madam Freedom…
Peace is worthless without your stewardship,
and honour, non-existent;
hope, invisible;
and happiness, a lie!

There is Peace and there is Freedom
Of the two, Peace is of lesser import!

Peace is the absence of concern
… a dream
Freedom is purchased
… with the blood of the warriors – the dreamers of Peace!