The Valley of Fire - Nevada, USA
The Valley of Fire - Nevada, USA ~ at which place is a natural amphitheatre I call the Arena of Warriors


He always walked the walk
and softly talked the talk.
Inspirational in all he said,
with wisdom he always lead
through the quagmire that was war.
But with love he always bore
reality that was his life –
filled with love and strife.

He whispers to all who care
and to those who dare
to hear his sighing breath
that exits despite his death.

A shadow warrior for peace and war,
above western deserts he doth soar.
More than a memory – he’s the rain
that comforts and consoles my pain

At the Arena of Warriors once again
I heard a whisper on the wind.
The message, “All is well;
Live life and in peace dwell.”

Author’s Note: Dedicated to Grey Eagle on the Anniversary of his Last Breath and First Flight, October 26, 2002